iComfort S30

Get allergy relief exactly when you need it

The iComfort S30’s Allergen Defender monitors the air quality and pollen levels in your area, according to your ZIP code and automatically turns the fan on to clean your home’s air when outdoor levels are high.

Balanced Temperature and Humidity

The iComfort® S30’s Feels Like feature creates the temperature you want to feel, not just the temperature you set—much like the “Feels Like” temperature in a weather report. So when you set it to 72 F, it feels like 72.

Remote control of your home environment

Always stay in touch with home comfort with the iComfort® S30. Monitor and adjust temperatures and schedules from anywhere in the world using the iComfort App and your smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device. Available on the App Store and Google Play

lennox icomforts30 app store

So simple. So smart. So comfortable.

The iComfort S30 is smart about your comfort. When you leave home, it increases energy efficiency. And when you come back, it anticipates your arrival and creates a perfectly comfortable environment. 

Control your temperature from anywhere

The Lennox iComfort Thermostats feature cloud connectivity that allows you to check, monitor and adjust the temperature from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device. 

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