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Providing Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Desoto TX

One of the oldest communities in North Texas, Desoto, the “All -America City”, is thriving with cultural arts, open spaces, and various entertainment options for residents and tourists.

Desoto averages 95°F during the hottest months and 39°F in the coldest, and with this in mind, an appropriate cooling, heating, and insulating system must be considered to ensure the temperatures do not interfere with entertainment, work, or leisure.

We implore you to discuss your climate control needs with The Right Choice Texas; a proud Texas-based company focused on meeting the climate needs for everyone. With premium and highly efficient systems at affordable prices and excellent installation and maintenance services, you’re in the best hands when it comes to A/C, HVAC, and heating appliances.

What we offer :

Krissi Wright
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Brooks did an amazing job he is extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond to take care of everything thank you so much !!!
Oego Photo
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Fantastic service. Thank you for helping me with financing the new AC Damien. You did above and beyond to help me, great customer service!
Kaivan Bazleh
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Great job of explaining everything to me. After fixing our heater, he even helped my family and I get our fire place started because it was giving us trouble.

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