The average lifespan of an HVAC cooling system is approximately 15 years. With increased age, an air conditioner will typically lose efficiency and effectiveness, leading to higher utility bills and advanced repairs. Even a well-maintained air conditioner will eventually need replacement.

When the time comes to finding an installer for your new central AC, look to the experts at The Right Choice Heating & Air. Our team of air conditioning specialists will assist you in providing a high-quality and affordable AC installation.

Home AC Installation

There is a multitude of factors that will need to be considered before any AC installation, from the size of your home to the efficiency rating of the unit. With the help of our team, you’ll be able to make an informed decision, choosing the suitable unit for you and your family’s needs. 

Central AC Installation

When having a central AC installation performed in a home, our technicians will make every effort to streamline the installation process, making it a seamless experience for our customers. We offer next-day AC installation services in most circumstances and will do our best to ensure a home has an effective and efficient system in as little time as possible. 

AC Units To Meet Your Needs

The Right Choice Heating & Air carries a complete line of new air conditioners for home installation. These AC units have the latest technology, ensuring you’ll be paying less to run your cooling system month after month. The advantages of having a new AC installation performed will be immediately evident with increased cooling capabilities and energy savings.

Affordable AC Coil Installation

Our technicians can also perform AC coil installation in instances where your coils no longer function optimally, yet the rest of your AC system is still in good working condition. An AC coil installation will also increase energy efficiency and provide more reliable cooling throughout the home.

We also offer recharger services for freon in case of a coolant leak. It’s important to note that it may be cost-prohibitive to have a recharger service performed for freon due to the age of an AC unit. Traditional freon is no longer manufactured or imported into the United States. This means customers with very old central cooling systems will need to purchase recycled freon to recharge the unit. Prices for recycled freon have been consistently increasing for several years.

Our technicians will advise you as to the coolant your home AC system uses and whether it is beneficial to have recharger services performed or consider an AC replacement.

Home Air Conditioner Replacement

Your AC replacement service doesn’t have to be stressful with us! Our installers will go through the process step-by-step, taking the time to fully explain what an AC replacement service entails and what you should expect from it. We’ll also cover all safety precautions taken during the process, and every effort is made to thoroughly clean working areas after the work is completed.

New AC Cost Analysis

We realize that the cost of a new AC installation is something that no homeowner anticipates. Often, an air conditioner will fail at an inconvenient time, leaving the owner struggling to adjust their budget to accommodate the cost of a new cooling system.

The Right Choice Heating & Air offers financing options to those who qualify so that our customers can enjoy the many advantages of a new AC installation without having to cover the entire cost at the time of replacement. If your AC is approaching the end of its serviceable life, contact us for professional AC installation services at prices that will work within your budget.

Reasonable AC Replacement Costs

Our team offers a wide selection of air conditioners to meet the varying needs of our customers. We’ll work hard to match you to the perfect unit, saving you money and helping your family stay comfortable indoors all year round. If you’re interested in learning more about the replacement cost of an AC installation, make sure to give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide detailed information about the units and financing options currently available.

Don’t make the wrong decision when it comes to an AC installation! Make The Right Choice for high-quality installations that will keep you cool and help you save money. Our licensed and certified technicians also provide other AC services, like air conditioning repairs and indoor air quality services. 

If your home needs a new AC installation, contact us today to schedule an appointment.