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In the words of the Goodman brand's tagline, "Thank Goodness for Goodman."

The Goodman Story:

It all started in 1954 in Texas.Harold V. Goodman, the founder of Goodman, became an A/C contractor in Houston, Texas. By the late 1960s, Harold was one of the most successful HVAC contractors in the U.S

Harold entered the HVAC manufacturing business in 1975 and formed the Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P. The decision was that the company would start as a maker of the flexible air duct and plastic blade registers. With that decision, the business grew successfully but with all that Harold recognized that the HVAC industry needs for a high-quality, low-cost central air conditioning systems.

You can call it Karma, but at the same time another HVAC manufacturer closed its doors and was selling off its manufacturing equipment. Harold quickly purchased the shuttering company’s machinery and moved it to Houston. In 1982, Goodman entered the market as a manufacturer.

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“We will revolutionize the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry with the highest-quality equipment, manufactured by the best-producing workforce and sold at the best prices in the market.” Harold Goodman, 1982.

Goodman HVAC brand
Over three decades, Goodman has concentrated on more important things than simple brand-recognition. Goodman focused on the design, engineering, and also manufacture their dependable products that helped homeowners who are using Goodman achieve reliable, high-quality, and affordable indoor comfort.

Harold goal was to create a High quality - low cost products that are engineered for reliable long life, putting the best components and building it with the lowest failures rates in the industry. Today Goodman is the value leader in HVAC products--all due to Harold Goodman's vision

Harold Goodman
Harold Goodman

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