ComfortNet Controls CTK04

ComfortNet Communicating Controls CTK04 High-Definition Thermostat

Get control with ComfortNet Controls CTK04 Communicating Control Systems ComfortNet communicating control systems for residential heating and cooling systems provide an elevated level of home comfort. From any device connected to the internet* the homeowner can enjoy features such as outdoor temperature display, integrated dehumidification, advanced diagnostics, and a programmable continuous fan control, in addition to setting a specific temperature for the home or creating a programmable schedule. ComfortNet is compatible with Goodman® , Amana® , and Daikin brands:
• Inverter HP and A/C
• 2-Stage HP and A/C
• Modulating Furnace / Variable Speed ECM
• 2-Stage Furnace / Variable Speed ECM / 2-Stage HP and A/C
• Air Handler / Variable Speed ECM / 2-Stage HP and A/C

goodman ComfortNet Controls ctk04

Innovative Control

The CTK04 RedLINK™ wireless technology and its full suite of wireless-enabled accessories help to better meet a homeowner’s personal comfort needs. Wireless accessory add-ons such as the remote indoor and outdoor temperature sensors and remote control offer comfort, convenience and connection.


The indoor and outdoor equipment has pre-programmed control boards installed, which allow the control unit to automatically determine the proper system set-up and properly manage airflow and system capacity settings

Sensors inside the outdoor and indoor units allow constant monitoring of the entire system and can anticipate a performance issue before an actual service interruption occurs; internal diagnostic controls can help service technicians quickly diagnose and resolve operational and maintenance issues

(with optional Internet gateway) Remote control setting, system monitoring, and system management is possible (and without any additional reoccurring charges) from any internet connection through a device such as an personal computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device

Nearly unlimited expandability of additional comfort components is possible with the use of wireless indoor temperature sensors, wireless outdoor temperature sensors, and a portable comfort control

Messages automatically appear on control screen for standard maintenance operations such as time for filter change, maintenance reminders, and other indoor air quality-related product

Indoor control can be set to automatically adjust the home’s ideal temperature and learn when utility prices are peaking to help lower energy costs of system operation

No complex programming needed; control displays question such as “What time does the first person wake up in the morning?” to establish programming options and then automatically establishes a comfort program based upon the answers provided

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