Springtime Tune-up for your AC. It’s Time, DFW!

Springtime Tuneup for your AC. It’s Time, DFW! Why you need it Now.

Oh my, springtime in DFW. You never know what day you’ll get, you’re sitting outside drinking a mimosa on the patio at your selected cafe. And what’s next is just a hot day like its summer time. And don’t even talk to me about what’s next because it appears to be… snow? The one thing in the DFW that is very unpredictable is the weather. 
But the performance of your Air Conditioning system shouldn’t be. If you live in DFW and the surrounding areas, The Right Choice Heating and Air can help you with your Air Conditioning system needs.
We know and you should know that you can prevent your next AC repair or replacement (is most cases) by maintaining your air conditioning before the wild hot weather season is here. A timely maintenance can prolong your system by up to three to five years, and that can save you about 20 percent on your electric/energy bills. 
According to the US Department of Energy, air conditioners are an important part of most people’s monthly electric bills. We can help you with that and suggest options to lower your monthly bill
We have great Maintenance Plans for you to chose from and protect your system year-round. From Filter plan to Gold and Platinum plans. Read more about our plans and call us to set up a free appointment or maintenance or conveniently join the club and start your savings.
Few of the club membership benefits are:
  1. FREE Tune-ups a year
  2. Priority service
  3. High-Efficiency MERV 8 filter
  4. Guaranteed appointments within 24 hours
  5. FREE service call
Don’t wait for your cooling system to break down, Contact Us now for your Air Conditioning Service before something worse happens.

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