Oncor Incentives For High-Efficiency A/C Units In Texas

Oncor, the local electricity company in Texas, is offering incentives for homeowners who upgrade their air conditioning units to a high-efficiency model. The company understands the importance of energy efficiency and aims to help residents save energy, lower their monthly electricity bills, and reduce their carbon footprint. Homeowners who upgrade to a new high-efficiency A/C unit with a minimum rating of 16 SEER can earn incentives from Oncor, the local electricity company. The incentive amount, which can range from $300 to $2,800, is determined by the participating service provider based on the equipment replacement, new installation, and location.

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The Benefits of Upgrading to a High-Efficiency A/C Unit

A high-efficiency air conditioning unit with a 16 SEER rating or higher is a smart investment for homeowners. Not only does it help to reduce energy costs, but it also provides a more comfortable living environment by maintaining a consistent temperature and improving indoor air quality. These units are also more environmentally friendly, as they emit less carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

Get Assistance from The Right Choice Heating And Air

If you are considering upgrading your air conditioning unit please contact The Right Choice Heating And Air to learn more about the incentives offered by Oncor and the benefits of a high-efficiency A/C unit. We can assist in determining the best unit for your specific needs and help to guide the installation process.

How Oncor’s Incentives for High-Efficiency A/C Units Can Benefit Texas Homeowners?

Oncor’s incentives for upgrading to a high-efficiency air conditioning unit are a win-win for homeowners. Not only can they save money on their monthly electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint, but they can also receive a generous financial incentive from the company. With the hot summers in Texas, it’s important to have a reliable and efficient air conditioning system, and Oncor is helping residents to make that a reality.




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