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When it’s time to replace your home’s furnace, there are several factors you’ll want to consider, including fuel type, installation costs, and energy efficiency. High-efficiency furnaces have grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The higher the energy efficiency of a furnace, the less energy you’ll waste.

But, are high-efficiency furnaces worth it? The answer can vary depending on your needs and circumstances. While there are many benefits to high-efficiency furnaces, there are still some factors you should consider before installing one.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons to determine if a high-efficiency furnace is worth the extra cost.

Pro: Energy Bill Savings

Some homeowners say that high-efficiency furnaces are worth it because they can save money on their energy bills. 

Did you know that more than half of your energy use can be attributed to heating and cooling your home? With a high-efficiency furnace, you can potentially see significant energy savings compared to an average or mid-efficiency furnace.

AFUE Ratings

Today, all furnaces need to have an AFUE, or Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency, rating of 80 percent or higher. The higher the AFUE, the more energy you’ll save. In comparison, high-efficiency furnaces have AFUE ratings between 90 to 98.5 percent. 

Your savings can vary depending on your overall energy use, where you live, the size of your home, and your current furnace’s efficiency. For instance, you may not see much of a difference between a 93 vs. 95% efficiency furnace or a 90 vs. 95% efficiency furnace.

To know if a high-efficiency furnace is worth it, you may want to look at an AFUE calculator. For instance, with an 80 vs. 96 furnace calculator, you can compare the two AFUE ratings and see the potential energy savings.

Con: Higher Upfront Costs

One of the main problems with high-efficiency furnaces is their higher upfront costs. High-efficiency furnaces cost more to purchase than mid-efficiency models. Plus, since these furnaces are more complex to install than traditional models, installation costs will also be more expensive.

So, are high-efficiency furnaces worth it? Although they have higher upfront costs, the continual energy savings and lower heating costs can make high-efficiency furnaces worth the extra cost in the long run.

But, most importantly, your high-efficiency furnace doesn’t have to be an upfront, out-of-pocket expense. The Right Choice offers great HVAC financing options that can make investing in a new system more affordable. 

Pro: Long Lifespans

It’s worth noting that high-efficiency furnaces tend to last longer than mid-efficiency models. This longer lifespan can be attributed to high-efficiency furnaces being more efficient at heating your home. As a result, your furnace will endure less wear and tear through the years.

Longevity makes a high-efficiency furnace worth the extra cost. Additionally, you can lengthen the lifespan of any heating system with proper maintenance and repairs. Call the Right Choice to learn more about our furnace repairs near Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Con: Additional Parts Needed

The last disadvantage of high-efficiency furnaces is the number of additional parts they require. While traditional furnaces have open combustion, high-efficiency furnaces have sealed combustion chambers. As a result, your furnace installer will need to replace your metal pipes with PVC pipes. This is because the exhaust from a natural gas furnace will corrode metal pipes.

Trust the Furnace Experts

If you have an older furnace that looks like it’s on its last leg, it may be time for a furnace replacement. The Right Choice is here to help!

Our heating experts are highly familiar with all HVAC system makes and models. From furnace replacements to heating repair services in Dallas, TX, we’ve seen and done it all. We can help you choose the most suitable type of furnace for you and your home. We’re happy to walk you through the installation process to determine if a high-efficiency furnace is worth the extra cost for your needs.

Contact us to install a high-efficiency furnace today!