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Air conditioning TuneUp Checklist: What We Do During Your Annual Clean and Check

Without regular maintenance, your air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency for each year of operation. Getting your air conditioning checked is very important for the health of your system. Our technicians will check, test, adjust and replace any necessary parts of your air conditioning system, as indicated in our 27-point inspection.

1: Indoor coil check

2: Adjust air/fuel mixture

3: Refrigerant pressures and temperature check

4: Check drain line for proper pitch

5: Test reversing valve

6: Inspect flue pipe

7: Visually check for refrigerant leaks

8: We are checking and cleaning the contactor

9: Check start capacitor

10: We Check your thermostat calibration

11: Remove debris from outdoor coil

12: Replace for free a standard 1” filter per system

13: Check the burners that they work well

14: Check your overall air conditioning operation

15: Our guys will vacuum the supply and return grills

16: We will monitor and adjust the gas pressures

17: Inspect heat exchanger for cracks

18: Check float switch

19: Testing your system for carbon monoxide leaks

20: Check wire connections

21: Check defrost cycle

22: Lubricate motors

23: Inspect electric strip heaters

24: We are Inspecting your ducts connections

25: Check pilot assembly

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