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Furnace replacement can be a daunting task for individuals, but spotting the early signs that tell its time to replace it is something you should know. Here are the 5 most vital signs that you need a replacement:

Years of use

The best way to know and be prepared for a furnace replacement is to check it’s age. In normal cases, a furnace lasts for 16 to 20 years and if the age of your furnace counts more than the average number, you should start shopping around for a new heater. Although this is one of the signs, it is not necessarily the most important one leading to a replacement.

Increased gas-electric bill

A sudden electric bill increases may translate to furnace replacement or proper furnace maintenance check. While this may not be as accurate as the age of your furnace – it is still a sign leading you to look for a new furnace and a professional who can help you with installing one.

lack of comfort

If you are feeling less comfort than before and your home is not heating properly when staying inside your home, your furnace may be the first things to check with a professional.

Strange Noises

Is your system too loud – or producing a strange noise? If yes, you should look for a technician to help you with it. Now, there are a lot of problems associated with noise coming out of your furnace, but a replacement instead of a repair in some cases would definitely solve them all instead of dealing with each one-by-one.

Yellow Flam

If your flame is not blue, but yellow – you may need to replace your furnace with a new one. The flickering yellow flame can also produce a lot of carbon monoxide in the air – which is poisonous and may harm you and your family if you don’t react immediately.


In the end, there could be a lot of problems with your system which may lead to its repair or replacement. If you are seeing one or more from the list above, you should contact an HVAC professional to come and check your system to prevent a breakdown.