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The Air Scrubber Plus

Unparalleled Health Benefits

CLEANING- Cleaning, mopping, and offending odors can be harmful to us. Air Scrubber Plus with Active-Pure technology, makes mopping up offending odors, cleaning surfaces, and even reducing harmful airborne contaminants as simple as turning your furnace on for the first time, your fan, or your HVAC system.

REFRESHING- Most of us don’t like to spray and scrub surfaces or disguise strong odors with toxic chemicals, so why do that. With the Air Scrubber Plus, you can purify the air in your home, and reduces strong odors by naturally mopping up the particles that keep those odors lingering.

PURIFYING- There are many products we can use to freshen the air but unlike air filters that are passive – Air Scrubber Plus actively treats the air by continually sending out ActivePure scrubbers throughout your home to greatly reduce toxic chemicals, contaminants that are dangerous  for you, mold, bad odors, and pollutants in the air. 


Air Scrubber Plus is fully integrated, whole home air purification system

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The Air Scrubber Plus

Air scrubber plus

Easy Installation

The Air Scrubber Plus can be easily installed by a professional heating and cooling technician. A standard unit covers up to 3,000 square feet when operating and begins working immediately. When installing the Air Scrubber Plus unit, a 4″ square cut is made into your existing duct work and is mounted directly above your HVAC’s air handler. It is not visible inside your home.

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