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Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever thought what are you breathing? Is your home or workplace making you sick?

  • The build-up around your bathrooms fixtures are the primary cause of respiratory and allergic reactions.
  • Materials from buildings, furniture, equipment in the office, repellents, room fresheners, laundry clothes, paints, and lacquers, cleaning supplies, varnishes,  waxes, pesticides, everything has volatile organic compounds.
  • Asthma attacks are mainly stimulated by Biological debris, dust mites, and pet dander – which are a significant source of respiratory irritants.
  • There are combustion pollutants that are emitted from improperly vented or unvented appliances that are fuel-burning. Namely space heaters, wooden stoves, gas stove, water heaters, dryers, and fireside.
  • Ventilation was never a concern in the past because we were getting the optimum amount of fresh air to survive. With more high rise buildings and commercialization, people started spending 90 percent of their time indoors resulting in building tighter duct systems to save energy. This raised the bar of air contaminants indoors. Hence, the concern rose of indoor air quality.

    Growing concern about energy costs, security issues, noise pollution and dirty air from outside has led to a more significant concern for residents. Studies confirm the fact that, human exposure to air pollutants in the indoor may be higher than higher than outdoor levels.

    Many people are complaining regarding building-related health concerns and may have developed building-related illnesses. This does not mean immediate changes required in building practice, but the standard expectation of residential ventilation has been set. 

    Now, that we know, the indoors turn out to be more threatening than outside. Engineers have figured out a solution, to reduce the air pollutants indoors.

    Improve Indoor Air Quality

    The key to improve indoor air quality is to eradicate pollutant sources or reduce their emissions. We can attain that by:

    • Fresh air can only be brought indoors with an effective ventilation system.
    • Pollutants and dust can only be trapped by changing filters.
    • Humidity should be maintained.
    • Basic acceptable standards have been set and should be followed
    • The purpose of the standards set is to provide the necessary building service of providing minimum acceptable indoor air quality.

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